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In response to today’s rapid advancement in information technology, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) serves the school community by offering physical and intellectual access to the latest reference and instructional materials both in print and non-print formats. Its circulation and technical services are facilitated by Athena - the LRC’s automation system, which also runs the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

The Library is the Print Section of the LRC. It houses the information resources in print formats like books and periodicals. It is a reading and study haven with its well-lighted, fully air-conditioned, and child-friendly interior design. It also has an internet section composed of ten (10) computers for online searching.

The Audio-Visual Room (AVR) is the Non-Print Section of the LRC. It holds all the audio-visual materials (e.g. DVDs, cassette tapes, filmstrips, manipulatives, etc.), equipment (e.g. lapels, laptops, tablets, portable speakers, etc.) and other multi-media materials for learning, instructional and recreational purposes. It also offers voice recording, dubbing, and video coverage among its services.

The LRC also takes pride in its Library and Information Literacy Program. This is given to all Kinder and grade school students during their library period classes held once a month. The lessons range from how to use the library catalogs both the print and online versions, how to use reference books, to the basic citation of resources to avoid plagiarism.

All grade school students, teachers, and SSAM employees are entitled to use the LRC subject to its rules and regulations. All procedures are aimed toward efficient and effective services.

Service Hours:

Library & AVR: Monday – Friday         7:00 AM – 4:30 PM   
Saturday                      8:00 AM – 12:00 NN

Circulation of Books and Other Materials
1. Borrowing of books

1.1 Inspect the pages of the book before borrowing.
Report any torn/missing pages to the library staff at
once, otherwise you will be held responsible for any 
damage done to the book.

1.2 Present your barcoded school ID and the book/s to be
borrowed at the borrowing counter. Temporary IDs will
not be accepted.

1.3 A borrower is given a corresponding loan limit or
maximum number of books that she can borrow at the
same time. At least one (1) book should be returned so
she can borrow again.

Grade Level

Loan Limit


Inside Reading Only

Grade 1

One (1) book

Grade 2

Two (2) books

Grade 3-6

Three (3) books

1.4 Any library material may not be brought out without
permission and must be checked-out properly at the
borrowing counter.

2. Returning of books

      2.1 Borrowed books must be returned on or before the
due date stamped at the back of the books.

      2.2 As long as a book has not been properly returned or
checked-in at the returning counter, the borrower 
whose name appears in the Athena is liable for it.

Overdue Books and Fines

1. All borrowers who fail to return a borrowed book on its
due date will be charged a fine of Php 1.00 per day for
every succeeding day after the due date until the book is

2. The library clearance of a borrower with unreturned books
and unpaid fines will not be signed until the said
accountabilities are settled.

Losses and Damages

1. A lost or damaged book while on loan must be reported
immediately to any of the library staff.

2. A lost book should either be replaced with the exact copy or
paid for at the current market price.

3. Books damaged beyond repair are likewise to be replaced
or paid for. The damaged book will be given to the borrower
after it has been settled.

    Damages beyond repair include one of the following:

  • torn page of at least one (1) whole page
  • colored and other non-erasable writings on

   at least one (1) page

  • lost page/s
  • wet page/s
  • burned page/s
  • ruined binding

4. A lost or damaged book not yet replaced or paid for is
still counted in the loan limit.

5. The library clearance of a borrower with a lost
or damaged book will not be signed until the said
accountabilities are resolved.


1.   Handle the books with dry and clean hands.

2.   Turn the pages of the book gently.

3.   Avoid putting any marks or drawings on the pages of the books.

4.   Avoid folding the pages of books and use a bookmark in marking the page where you stopped reading.

5.   Keep the books away from food and any liquid to prevent them from being dirty and wet.

6.   Lay it on a table or any flat surface to avoid the cover from being wrinkled and the binding from being broken.

7.   Keep the books out of reach of younger children and pets to avoid them from being damaged.

8.   Keep the books in a safe place to avoid them from being lost.


1.   SILENCE must be strictly observed at all times. Speak softly if needed.

2.   Falling in line is strictly implemented in all areas of the library that executes first come first served practice. Users who are caught disobeying this rule will not be entertained.

3.   Distracting and unnecessary activities must be avoided. This includes running, playing, sleeping, eating, chatting, laughing, doing activities that consumes large space (i.e. writing in cartolina or any huge papers), and any other activities which create unwanted scenes leading to the disturbance of the users.

4.   Hiding of books is strictly not allowed.

5.   Each student is asked to help keep the library neat and orderly.

Disciplinary Measures
For simple violations like doing distracting and unnecessary activities, the student will be asked to go out of the library after the first and last warning.
For major violations like vandalizing or stealing books and other library materials, the student’s ID will be confiscated by the Head Librarian. Her case will be dealt accordingly with the adviser and Student Formation Coordinator. Any other violation stated in the Code of Discipline of the Student Handbook that is committed inside the library and AVR will have its corresponding disciplinary measure.

Library policies for SSAM Alumni and outside researchers:
1. A letter stating the purpose and duration of the visit should   be given to the Head Librarian which will be endorsed to and approved by the Grade School Principal.

2. If permitted, the library is open for use on Saturdays from 8:00-11:30 a.m.

3. Only print materials are allowed to be used and are available for inside reading only.


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