ESC Application

Procedure and Requirements for ESC Application

  1. Fill out the ESC application form then submit to the Registrar’s Office together with the other requirements enumerated below.
  2. Write a letter of intent to the High School Principal.The letter of application should state the name of the child/student, number of siblings/dependents, monthly income, other sources of income (if any), and reason/s why applying for a government subsidy.
  3. Any proof of financial means of both parents, guardian, or the person who is helping send the student to school as shown in the table below:

    If the concerned person is:Required documentWhere to obtain document if not readily available 
    Employed in the Philippines (including self-employed)Latest Annual Income Tax Return; ORBureau of Internal Revenue or Employer
    Certificate of Employment*Employer
    Employed abroadCertificate of Employment*Employer or recruitment agency
    Unemployed and without incomeCertificate of Non-filing of Income Tax Return; ORBureau of Internal Revenue
    Municipal Certificate of Unemployment; ORMayor’s office (NOT from the Barangay or the City Assessor’s office)
    Affidavit stating unemploymentNotary Public
    Unemployed but with other source/s of incomeAffidavit specifying sources of income and average gross monthly incomeNotary Public
    *The certificate of employment should state the person’s occupation and gross monthly income. For employees, gross monthly income refers to the gross monthly wages or salaries before taxes and other deductions. For all others, it refers to the average monthly earnings from their business, trade, profession, investments and/or pensions.
  4. Recent 1×1 colored ID photo

Note:  Parents will be notified of the status of the application as soon as SLOT ALLOCATIONS for the coming school year is posted on the school’s ESC IMS account (between April-May).