September 29, 2018 marked the day when PK- Masikap heed the call to be one Benedictine Family in Service and Stewardship. It was a fun filled but meaningful gathering orchestrated by energetic mommies headed by their PSR Mommy Catz Roque and guided by the ever caring Teacher Edna Domo as they transformed the SLH area into a lovely and colorful “Under the Sea” motif. Kudos to the creative hands and ideas of décor committee headed by Mommy Tere Alegado.

It all began with a merry mood as families of each of our daughters take turns in the photo ops. Pictures were being taken by Daddy John-turned-official-photographer-for-the-day. A program started with a fervent invocation acknowledging God’s presence and blessings, allowing families to come together. That solemn moment reminded us of Christ’s love channeled through our daughters. It was then followed by a brief opening remarks by Mommy Catz welcoming the families and her earnest appreciation to all of the parent-attendees who have to sacrifice their personal time as a testament of their love and support for their daughters as well as all parent-volunteers who helped us making the family event possible.

Adding fuel to the joyous atmosphere were our dashing hosts, Mommy Anna Alejar and Mommy Mhel Ramos who led the relentless family amusement. Emotions eventually poured in to each families’ surprise when our daughters performed a very touching interpretative “A Gift to You” song. But they were able to make it more upbeat again when they showed their next surprise, a rejuvenating dance number.

That delightful morning was unstoppable. Seeing our thrilled daughters tirelessly engaged in fun-filled games after another (joined by every family) were a huge accomplishment for Mommy Glo and Ruby as game masters. Never have you seen such dynamic camaraderie from daughters, parents, siblings, and even grandparents happened in a short but wonderful time. Then to top it all, the salo-salo was a blast, such blessing of abundance as each food shared by every family flowed into every table, every plate, and everyone.

Mommy Flo Valdez, head of food committee, was kind enough to sponsor ice pops, apt and timely to cool each and every active kids down. During that same day, the host announced the birthday of Caia Sison, one of the students. It was like an instant birthday party since kids gathered around and greeted her with a birthday song.

As the activity was about to be concluded, each and every K-Masikap students were given a goody bag to further their excitement. We also had a photo session with all family attendees. It was truly a good way to blissfully end the day.