St. Scholastica's Academy, Marikina, High School Unit seeks for the integral formation of the human person through the development of her God-given capacities to their optimum level, thus, enabling the Scholastican graduate perseveringly strive toward her ultimate goal – Christ – as she fulfills her responsibility to herself, her family and society.

As a graduate of St. Scholastica's Academy, she is expected to:
1. exhibit necessary skills and knowledge needed to meet the broader challenges of higher education.
2. advance her physical, moral and intellectual gifts to enable her to meet life situations critically and creatively.
3. gain and internalize a value system supported by an informed conscience and a keen sense of responsibility.
4. promote and protect the dignity of all persons as human beings made unto the image and likeness of God and endowed with fundamental and inalienable rights in all aspects of their life.
5. show genuine love of country, appreciating and promoting Filipino culture and heritage, and actively participating in nation building by the exercise of responsible citizenship.
6. witness to the Gospel values as she lives and reflects the Benedictine motto, "Ora et Labora" in all her endeavors, particularly towards the transformation of society, the promotion of national and global peace and the preservation of the integrity of creation.

Towards these objectives the High School strives to:
* create an environment reflective of the Benedictine definition of a socially-oriented school
* impart the basic knowledge of the humanities, the arts and the sciences
* encourage intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, decision making and effective communication
* guide students to recognize and appropriate their God-given talents and gifts, their cultural heritage and distinct characteristics as Filipinos
* provide opportunities for the deepening of faith in experiences of individual and group prayer, meaningful liturgical celebrations, community encounters particularly with the marginalized of society. .