Registrar's Office

SSAM-Registrar's Office envisions to be an essential and established unit that effectively delivers excellent registrar services recognized for student-centered environment.

The Education Act of 1982 provides in no uncertain terms that a student shall have "the right to access to his own records, the confidentiality of which the school shall maintain and preserve" and "maintain the right to the issuance of official certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, grades, transfer credentials and other similar documents within thirty (30) days from request." These rights are individual rights, which means that they are rights that are conferred by law upon the student only. In the case, however, of a student of minor age, the right may be exercised by his parents or legal guardian. As expressly provided for in the Education Act of 1982 (B.P. 232), parents or guardians shall have the "right to access to any official record directly relating to the children who are under their parental custody." (Chapter 2, Section 8 (2), of Batas Pambansa Blg. 232, otherwise known as the Education act of 1982)

1. As a rule, all information pertaining to student records are kept and issued by the school through the Registrar's Office.
2. In general, confidential records may be released only to the owner of the record (i.e. the student herself).
             Other than this, confidential records may also be released under the following circumstances:

         2.1. Section 175 of the 2011 Revised Manual of Regulations for Private Schools (MRPS) in Basic Education states that,
                "Upon submission and acceptance of the transfer credentials, the school to which a pupil or student has transferred
                shall request in writing for the complete school records SF10 or transcript of records of the pupil or student from the school
                last attended. The latter school shall forward such records directly to the school within thirty (30) days
                from receipt of the request."
        2.2. For basic education transferees, the accepting school mails a letter of request for the SF10 of the students it has admitted
                to the originating school, which has to forward the SF10 within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the request.
                This is done without cost to the accepting school as a matter of institutional courtesy.
        2.3. Upon receipt of a written request from the owner, a representative designated in writing, may claim the records
                on the owner's behalf. (see Authorization)
        2.4. Upon request of a parent or legal guardian (in the case of currently enrolled students
                who are still minor or below 18 years old).

Note: SF 10 or School Form 10 (Transcript of Records / Learners Permanent Record)


                For practical purposes (e.g. the owner is abroad, is in the province, or is working, etc.), the owner of the record may designate an authorized representative to apply for and claim the records. In this case, school should be guided by the following insofar as the contents of the written authorization are concerned. The authorization should contain:

        1. The identity and personal circumstances of the owner: this is usually the student's name, date of birth, and
             period of stay in school. If a graduate, the course graduated from and date of graduation;
        2. The name of the representative and the relationship to the owner of the record, the document being requested,
             the number of copies and the purpose for the document/s sought.

                Sufficient proof of identity must be established both for the owner and her representative. This includes copies of valid identification cards (driver's license, passport, company ID, etc.) from both the owner and her representative.

                An authorization is valid only for a specific request. If the owner wishes to authorize the same person to request for another set of documents in the future, then another letter of authorization must be issued.


Processing period is three (3) to five (5) working days except for certificate of completion, diploma, transcript of records (requested by schools/colleges/universities) which takes a maximum of 30 working days.

Processing fee depends on the type of document.


Change of name based on court decisions or Civil Registrar General's action on petitions will be processed provided that the change is already annotated in the Certificate of Live Birth of the student issued by the National Statistics Office/Philippine Statistics Authority.

The correction of entry(ies) of currently enrolled students shall be made by the School Registrar upon submission of an original copy of Certificate of Live Birth issued by the PSA, and Affidavit of the parents/guardians of the student explaining the circumstances that led to the recording of the incorrect entry(ies).


GRADE SIX GRADUATES (Revised SY 2018-2019)

The High School Department adopts the Open Admission Policy. However, to maintain quality education, a graduating grade six student should have an average of at least 80%. If she gets an average from 75%-79.99% she will be placed under conditional status meaning she has to pass all her subjects at the end of her freshman year. If she gets a failing mark in any subject in the final rating, she will be advised to transfer to another school. She is also required to attend the reinforcement classes offered by the JHS Department for incoming Grade Seven.

If she incurred a major disciplinary offense, she will be placed under disciplinary probation for one school year.


SSAM admits students who are Catholics and whose academic records indicate ability to do quality schoolwork and possess character traits that give promise to be active participants in the Scholastican Community. Thus, the Committee on Admission deliberate on the academic requirements presented, result of written examinations given by the Student Development Center and the interview with the Principal and/or Academic Coordinator (for high school applicants) and Life Mentor (for the grade school applicant). All students seeking admission, whether coming from sister schools or others and/or returning as former students who have enrolled elsewhere during the school year, are required to take the Entrance Test – ORAL and WRITTEN. Successful applicants are admitted on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED basis.

F. AUTHENTICATION OF FORM 138 / SF 9 (Learner Progress Report Card)

An authenticated copy of Form 138 / SF9 (Learner Progress Report Card) with the Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer and / or Admission will be signed by the Principal or Registrar at the end of the school year if the student will transfer to another school. Only the class advisers' signatures will appear in Final Report Card and will have this notation: Not valid for transfer and/or admission if not signed and sealed. Students who will confirm their transfer to another school SHOULD PROCEED to the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE for signature and school seal.


For those who will still enroll at SSAM, the Form 138/SF9 will be stamped with "CANCELLED" to protect the school against parents who plan to enroll their children to another school. It will signal the accepting school that they have enrolled in their former school and should clear first with SSAM before they can be accepted.


SSAM-RO may withhold the release of transfer credentials of a student who has outstanding financial or property obligations to SSAM. Credentials will be released upon settlement of the obligation.